Want to join the team?
I'm looking for some solid developers and investors to help me out with a few ideas... If you think you've got what it takes, email me at info@filebrink.com

1) Marketing Specialist - Filebrink is growing and users are joining every day, but more can always be done! I'm looking for someone who can manage social media applications and come up with new marketing techniques to help Filebrink grow even larger.

2) Web Developer - There are always little tweaks and changes being made to Filebrink. If you are just learning the basics to web development or have been tinkering with databases and PHP for a while, you'll probably have something to offer.

3) Account Administrator - We're also opening private accounts for offices, businesses, and organizations that require a powerful database and filing system like Filebrink. If you're just as organized, we can sure use some help documenting private accounts and book keeping.

If you're interested in any of the positions listed above, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email with your resume and portfolio at info@filebrink.com
Who's Roy?
Shoot me an email!

Engineer your ideas.
Manage projects, organize thoughts, share files, and relax - you're in control. Filebrink is the innovative way to manage and publish your projects.

I created filebrink because it made my life easy. I like to build and design stuff - anything. It gives you the power and the ability to build a database to your liking without the clutter and inconvenience of other cloud systems.

No downloads, plugins, or extensions required. Just sign up and get organized.

This is what I did in school:
- Rutgers University
- Two BA Degrees in History & Political Science
- Debate Club
- Masters Candidate @ Seton Hall School of International Relations

This is what I do for fun:
- Modded Rise of Nations at the age of 14
- My "Empires Rise Again" Modification hit 40,000 downloads
- Founder of www.UrIssue.com
- Created "Document Controller," an office filing database used in the construction industry

Here's an unflattering picture of me: